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Toyota Motors Europe

Descripción de la oferta

Descripción de la oferta

Duración de la oferta: hasta el 26/05/2012


<p>Out Team</p>
<p><br />
Toyota Motor Europe R&amp;D centre, Body Engineering and Body Evaluation Division in Zaventem (Brussels) is responsible for:</p>
<p>Evaluation of vehicle performances through simulation (CAE). <br />
From model through simulation, analyse results, do proposals for countermeasures in close contact with other divisions <br />
<p>Your Challenge</p>
<p>You simulate the vehicle performance of crash safety using Computer Added Engineering (CAE) method to develop new vehicles <br />
You analyze body structure with CAE , detect the key structure to improve vehicle performance,&nbsp; consider effective countermeasures, confirm their effects with CAE, and propose them to engineering designers <br />
You review engineering drawings and make suggestions to engineering designers with your knowledge and previous examinations before detail simulation. <br />
You have a contribution for CAE methodology development of crash safety CAE area especially for polymer material CAE modelling <br />
&nbsp;For vehicle development, you have a responsibility to provide accurate CAE simulation results and to make effective countermeasures <br />
For CAE methodology development, you have a responsibility to conduct research activities for crash safety CAE area with partners ( universities, institutions, engineering companies, etc) </p>
<p><br />


<p>Your Assets</p>
<p><br />
Master degree in Engineering (Structural analysis or Mechanical Engineering) <br />
Higher Experience in crash safety CAE <br />
Good knowledge of structural analysis <br />
Good knowledge of crash safety <br />
Strong, general interest in vehicles <br />
Excellent communication skills <br />
Team player with flexible mind and challenge spirit <br />
Good practical problem solving skills <br />
Willing to participate in possible trainings in Toyota headquarters Japan <br />
Fluency in English, additional European language skills are an asset </p>
<p>Additional Information</p>
<p>Place of Employment: Toyota Motor Europe - Technical Center - Zaventem, Belgium </p>
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