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GTI is committed to the development of all Gestamp employees´ professional skills through the design and delivery of innovative learning programs regarding our global business’ technologies, processes, systems and rich portfolio of products.
Descripción de la oferta

Descripción de la oferta

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Constructing advanced manufacturing presses and providing the services of installation, set-up, maintenance and customer use advice, using high-level mechatronics techniques, assembling:
 - Mechanical components.
 - Electric-electronic.
 - Pneumatic-hydraulic.

Installing and commissioning the press at its final location; verifying the set-up of the line including:
 - Programming
 - Robotics
 - Monitoring

As well as advising the customer on the processes of stamping, use of the machine and the management and maintenance of the machine, achieving the quality criteria, fulfilling with the company's plans for the prevention of occupational and environmental risks, and the applicable regulations.


In terms of academic qualifications:
 - Vocational Training in Industrial Mechatronics
 - Vocational Training in Industrial Automation and Robotics.
 - Vocational Training in  Ships and Boats Machinery Maintenance Organization 
 - University Degrees (Mechanical Engineer, Electronic Engineer…)

Also possible candidates are those who do not have a degree as indicated, have relevant work experience.

English proficiency, being the minimum level B2

Se ofrece

Starting in January 2018, GTI organizes the following specialization program:
  Advanced Manufacturing Press Lines Set Up:
• Objective: To create a Talent Pool to work in the Set Up of a Press Line.
 • Duration of the course: 612 teaching hours (From January 2018 to June 2018). Starting in July 2018, this training will be complemented by 6 months of internships from the Gestamp press lines.
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