Agente de Atención al Cliente Aldaia (Valencia)

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Jornada Completa - Contrato sin especificar - Entre 12.000 y 15.000€ Brutos/anuales - Al menos 1 año de experiencia

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Agora Import

Agora Import S.L. is a dinamically growing small family company which primarily fulfills the need of the hand and power tools market. Our main goal is to serve our customers to the maximum extent with top-notch custom service, great prices, great quality and fast delivery.
Descripción de la oferta

Descripción de la oferta

Duración de la oferta: hasta el 26/09/2017


We are looking for a fresh young adult at the start of their career under age 30 to handle the customer support role of the company.

Main responsibilities:
- Handle and recieve telephone, email, chat communication with clients to the best of your abilities
- Faciliate sales, input orders into computer system
- Resolve and investigate problematic issues, guarantees, refunds and other problems

Other responsibilities:
- Content marketing, writing or translating articles, making videos
- Assist in growing knowledge base and FAQ
- Other misc. tasks


- Problem solving skills, creativity and people skills (you must love dealing/talking with customers)
- University Degree (Ba)
- 1-3 years of relevant experience
- Native Spanish knowledge
- Fluency in Portuguese and/or French (customer support)
- Fluency in English 
- Good IT affinity (be able to find your way in the computer/internet)
- The ability to work independently in a small team
- Logical thinking
- Confident, but friendly style of treatment
- User level knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)

Se ofrece

We offer:
- A competitive salary
- Full-time work, 40 hour workweek 
- Small, friendly and familiar team
- Modern office enviroment with air conditioning, refrigerator, etc.
- Fixed schedule: M-F 9:00 - 18:00 (with 1 hour of launch break)
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    Atención al cliente

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