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Specialized Italian Travel Agency needs a Contract Manager for business development in Spain.
Descripción de la oferta

Descripción de la oferta

Duración de la oferta: hasta el 30/08/2017


Specialized Italian Travel Agency needs a Contract Manager for business development in Spain. Based in Madrid or Barcelona. Must have english or italian language.


* Based on the indications and the data goals, handle direct bargaining with hotels, restaurants, local bus vectors, and service providers for groups of groups, ad hoc and individual groups.
 * Performs scouting activities and presents the product managers with the novelties and opportunities.
 * Monitor the quality of the services and make the necessary corrections to achieve company standards.
 * Proposes purchase lists for ad hoc groups.
 * Prepare detailed reports on visits.
 * The resource will also be involved in the design and analysis of travel itineraries, in the design and / or control of descriptive texts and photographic material.
 * In-depth knowledge of the destination.
 * In-depth knowledge of the Italian leisure market on destination.Negotiation, programming and decision making skills Basic skills.
 * Knowledge of the leisure tourism product both individual and group.
 * Knowledge of the technical language of the industry.


* Flexibility and availability to travel

 * Confidentiality
 * Orientation to the achievement of goals
 * Problem solving skills
 * Relational skills to interfere with different business partners.
 *  Information and update capabilities.
 * Experience in a similar role. It is preferential to the proven experience in bargaining in other European destinations and the Mediterranean basin.

Job Offer

Really good profesional opportunity.


* Flexibility and availability to travel
*Orientation to the achievement of goals
*Problem solving skills
*Experience in a similar role.
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    Hostelería, Turismo

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