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Pozuelo de Alarcón - Madrid España

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Customer Service Representative ( Dutch Native)

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Atención al cliente

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Gestor Atención Cliente - Finanzas

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Atención al cliente con aleman e inglés. 40h/s L-V

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CUSTOMER SERVICE (German Speakers) Madrid

  • Madrid
  • Hace más de 100 días
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Jornada Completa - Contrato Indefinido - Retribución sin especificar - No se requiere experiencia

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ImportantImportant multinationalmultinational companycompany, fromfrom thethe healthhealth insuranceinsurance sector andand withwith presencepresence inin 30 countriescountries, needsneeds toto increaseincrease itsits customercustomer serviceservice departmentdepartment.
Descripción de la oferta

Descripción de la oferta

Duración de la oferta: hasta el 14/06/2018


IfIf youyou speakspeak GermanGerman andand EnglishEnglish, andand likelike beingbeing inin contactcontact withwith clientsclients, thisthis isis youryour jobjob!

Descripción de la oferta

AdministrationAdministration process


 * Determining Determiningrequirements;requirements answering answeringinquiries;inquiries resolving resolvingproblems;problems fulfilling fulfillingrequests.requests

 * Resolves Resolvesproblems problemsby byclarifying clarifyingissues;issues researching researchingand andexploring exploringanswers answersand andalternative alternativesolutions;solutions implementing implementingsolutions;solutions escalating escalatingunresolved unresolvedproblems.problems

 * Fulfills Fulfillsrequests requestsby byclarifying clarifyingdesired desiredinformation;information completing completingtransactions;transactions forwarding forwardingrequests.requests

 * Coordinate Coordinateand andensure ensurea correct correctadministrative administrativefollow-followup upof ofthe theclients clientsand andcontracts.contracts

 * Take Takefull fullresponsibility responsibilityfor forthe thepremium/premiumeligibility eligibilityadministration

 * administrationHandle eHandleligibility religibilityequests frequestsrom Cfromustomer SCustomerervices

 * ServicesKeep rKeepecords arecordsnd fandiling ufilingp tupototoate.

 * Implement cImplementontracts icontractsnininase of nofew cnewlients

 * clientsManage yManageour wyourork, worktaking itakingnto aintoccount taccounthe athepplicable papplicablerocedures aproceduresnd aandgreements

 * agreementsParticipate eParticipatefficiently iefficientlyn pinrocessing tprocessinghe dtheocument fdocumentlows: flowsinform yinformour Oyourperations MOperationsanager oManagern conlarity gclarityaps agapsnd pandossibilities tpossibilitieso otoptimize toptimizehe ptherocesses.

 * processesCommit yoCommiturself toyourself totogh-quhighality adqualityministration anadministrationd faandst trfastansactions



Communication prCommunicationocess

 * Mprocessaintain goMaintainod cogoodntacts wicontactsth inwithsurers, iinsurersnsured aninsuredd clandients coclientsncerning thconcerningeir potheirlicies anpoliciesdandandn-medical clmedicalaims.

 * claimsRespond toRespond totoestions inquestions ininqualitative waqualitativey.

 * wayManage alManagel coallmmunications (lcommunicationsetter, fletterax, e-mail) tmailo totoients anclientsd inandsurers.

 * insurersThink abThinkout anaboutd coandntribute tocontribute totoing thusinge mothest efmostficient coefficientmmunication chcommunicationannels (pchannelshone, ephone-mail, lmailetter,..letter.)



Relations toRelations totoher poothersitions

 * Apositionsssist thAssiste Acthecount MaAccountnager inManager ininveral taseveralsks (etasks.g. preparation ofpreparation ofofesentations, ppresentationsreparation ofpreparation ofofalyses, sanalysestatistics,..statistics.).

 * Provide alProvidel neallcessary innecessaryformation toinformation totoe inthevolved painvolvedrties: cpartieslients, iclientsnsurers, tinsurershe Vathenbreda InVanbredaternational CuInternationalstomer SeCustomerrvices, FServicesinance anFinanced Acandcounting, MAccountingarketing and Coandmmunication.

 * CommunicationContribute toContribute totointaining a maintainingco-cocoerative anoperatived frandiendly wofriendlyrking enworkingvironment.

 * environmentInform thInforme Optheerations MaOperationsnager onManager ononoblems anproblemsd inandefficiencies.


Perfil del candidato

* GermanGerman andand EnglishEnglish SpeakersSpeakers: bilingualbilingual levellevel inin bothboth.
 * ExperienceExperience inin TelemarketingTelemarketing andand LeadLead Generation
 * GenerationExperience Experiencein inback backoffice officetasks.tasks

Oferta de empleo

* PermanentPermanent Contract
 * ContractLocation:Location Pozuelo de Alarcón,Alarcón Madrid.
 * Salario:25.000 euros/year


*Permanent Contract
*Location: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.
*Salario:25.000 euros/year 

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    Atención al cliente

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