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Jornada Completa - Contrato Indefinido - Retribución sin especificar - Al menos 3 años de experiencia

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Descripción de la oferta

Descripción de la oferta

Duración de la oferta: hasta el 09/10/2017


Foreign nurses for Belgian nursing homes. 
Job Description
•	As nurse, you are responsible for a punctual execution of all nursing tasks in the areas of hygiene, care, nutrition and comfort.
•	As member of a multidisciplinary team, you execute care duties such as preparing medication, injections, blood transfusions, dressing wounds, etc.
•	If required, a nurse will occasionally have to perform health care assistant duties.
•	You can respond to different type of care situations and follows the daily routine of the care home occupant. You take care of the occupants’ wellbeing in the situation where self-reliance of occupants falls short (temporary or permanently) and thereby warrant the optimal level self-reliance of occupants.
•	It is possible you will encounter demented or psychiatric care recipients.
•	The job requires adherence to the hygiene- and safety prescriptions.
•	You coordinate and are managing colleagues.
•	You observe, evaluate and report the care needs of the occupants (good communication is inevitable) and you look for multidisciplinary solutions.
•	You are point of contact for occupants, their family members, colleagues and doctors.
•	You contribute to a positive atmosphere between the stakeholders named above.
•	You empathize with the lives of the occupants and want to contribute to a valuable and happy stay in the care home.
Job related competencies
•	Provide care to people who communicate they are in need (in situations where occupants experience need, pain etc.). Manage the patient records (report incidents, changes etc.)
•	Upkeep and follow up of medical dossiers (arrival, departure or transfer of the care recipient, archiving, etc.) as well as recording the medical provisions.
•	Determine the care recipient’s situation (clinical, psychic, etc.) Update the patient dossier accordingly.
•	Draft a care plan per the needs of the care recipients. Prepare the nursing material. 
•	Activities: elderly care
•	All Activities that warrant the comfort of the care recipients during their daily life (waking up, walking, caring after operation)
•	Assess and follow up on the clinical situation of a care recipient (stability, behavior, excretion etc.). Discuss the evolution of the clinical situation of a care recipient with the interdisciplinary team.


•	You have completed nursing diploma (A1).
•	You can work independently and in a team.
•	You are punctual and have problem solving ability.
•	Your personality is characterized by empathy, enthusiasm, social competence, flexibility, motivation, and care.
•	You take ownership and enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams.
Personal competencies
•	Punctual
•	Stress resistant
•	Teamwork ability
•	Communicative
•	Planning 
•	Focus on results 
•	Obey rules and agreements
•	Work indipendently 
•	Able to learn
•	Customer focus
•	Creative thinking 
•	Flixibility and adaptabbility

Se ofrece

•	Guaranteed job in a stable environment; Belgium has one of the highest living and working standards in Western Europe 
•	Unique chance for personal and professional development 
•	Starting salary of € 2300 gross (bachelor, compliant with the ‘Paritair Comité 330’ table)
•	End of years Bonus
•	Weekend allowance
•	Bank Holiday allowance
•	Meal vouchers
•	Transportation allowance or bicycle allowance 
•	Free onboarding: personal guidance before-, during- and after the relocation process:
-Assisting in finding suitable accommodation
-Opening a bank account
-Register municipality
-Organizing Health insurance card
-Registration at the Belgian medical register
•	Free of charge Dutch language courses (to comply with the B1 Dutch language level requirements); 3x times a week “1 on 1” lessons with a Dutch tutor via Skype.
•	Additionally, we provide free online learning tool and phone app language learning tool
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    Sanidad, salud y servicios sociales

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