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Our client is a multinational company leading provider of packaging for consumer and industrial goods.
Descripción de la oferta

Descripción de la oferta

Duración de la oferta: hasta el 11/12/2017


We are currently looking for an Iberian Plant Maintenance Lead for a multinational packaging company based in Barcelona.


The incumbent will oversee the Plant Maintenance stream within a regional transformation project interacting with Central Team.

General Responsibilities:

 * Accountable and responsible for the solution delivery of the relevant functional area (Plant Maintenance) through the life-cycle of the project.
 * The Regional Plant Maintenance stream lead will provide the knowledge of the current situation and processes while Central stream leads will be responsible for the core SFR solution design.

The purpose of the role is to:

Specific Responsibilities:

 * Responsible for the timely delivery in adherence to the high-level plan of the scoping, design, testing, cut-over and embedding of the relevant functional area
 * Identify opportunities for process optimisation/ harmonisation, standardisation and minimisation
 * Carry out and lead the Business Process Alignment
 * Identify the gaps and present resolutions to bridge these by process change, developments, workarounds, etc
 * Manage the resources (and constraints) within the functional stream
 * Communicate and share progress with other stream leads and project lead
 * Escalate relevant issues re functional scope, plan, resource to the regional project lead
 * Provide support to key users until close of project and Business As Usual sets in
 * Communicate across sites, functions etc.
 * Perform role mapping
 * Administer training for Key Users and End Users

Opportunity to know the Plant Maintenance Function in detail and be the expert in this function in the future. As well it may have a strong visibility to Senior Management.

The previous position will be back-filled accordingly and will remain available after the project.

The candidate must know the broad scope of the current processes in use in the Iberia and local Plant Maintenance team members. Focus in main meta-process:

- P2P (Plan to Deliver)

Travelling might be required in a sporadic basis


* Degree or proven track record within a relevant subject field
 * Fluent Spanish and English
 * Project management experience
 * Ability to work remotely
 * Process-oriented / Understanding of managing and supporting multi-sites
 * Experience using computer software (Excel, Powerpoint, MS Project o equivalent, etc.)

Job Offer

Development opportunities in a fast growing market.


The candidate must know the broad scope of the current financial processes in use in the Iberia and local Plant Maintenance team members. Focus in main meta-process:
-P2P (Plan to Deliver)
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