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Descripción de la oferta

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He/she, under the direction of a Control Manager, is responsible for processing and preparing information within the institution control accounting duties. He/she will play a specialized role in the production and reporting of information within the Office of the Controller department.

Key action areas:
•	Prepares or verifies a variety of accounting and narrative statements or reports requiring interpretation of data.
•	Supports in data analysis, projections, and presentations of financial reports.
•	Prepares detailed profitability and KPI's analysis.
•	This position ensures accurate information is recorded for preparation of statements and internal reporting. 
•	He/she is responsible for records that must be accurately maintained. 
•	Prepares defined control statements and reports.
•	The position also supports all kind of works to continuously improve control processes and data.


•	Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, or related field.
•	Fluency and proficiency in English and Spanish.
•	Minimum 1 year of experience. 
•	MS Office is required. 
•	Proficient in Microsoft Excel. Expertise in using tables, models and macros is a plus.
•	Experience with Microsoft Dynamics or other ERPs or financial reporting tools is desired.
•	Strong and versatile communication and customer service skills.
•	Ability to work with confidential financial and personnel information.
•	Ability to learn capitalizing training programs.

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Educación, formación - Program Assistant

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