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Jornada Completa - Contrato Indefinido - Retribución sin especificar - Al menos 3 años de experiencia

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Descripción de la oferta

Descripción de la oferta

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The function is located at the Technical Service department. The Technical Services department is headed by the Technical Services Department and consists of an Electro Process Control, Mechanical Technical Service Department and a Department of Heat Power Central and Utilities.
The Technical Services Department is responsible for performing preventive and corrective maintenance, new construction and expansion work on equipment and mechanical and electronic equipment. In addition, work is carried out in the field of electrical engineering, drive technology, measurement and control technology, process and industrial automation and maintenance of all business buildings.
For specific projects and during the annual stops, use is made of external parties.
With the assistance of external engineers, the engineer is responsible for the quality of the implementation.
The work is performed in day care. Employee can be signed (in accordance with CAO), where an employee can only be called for in case of company malfunctions, which, in the opinion of the employer, is necessary for the employee to appear.
Preventing malfunctions and performing preventive and corrective maintenance, new construction / expansion work in mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic areas, so that the production process can be resumed safely and with minimal loss of production time.


Result areas Key activities Result criteria
Maintenance and repair - Assessing the state of technical maintenance, for the entire plant and specifically for a subdivision designated by the Head MTD, and reporting it to MTD and recording it in administrative systems.
- Preventive and corrective maintenance by planning.
- Correct analysis of state of repair on cause, urgency and manner of remediation.
- Speed and reliability of the technical solution.
- Accuracy when capturing in the administrative system.
Mechanical Operating Devices - Localization of malfunctions / malfunctions a.v. Received notifications from management and / or others
- Determine whether colleagues from other disciplines (eg EPC) and external engineers (including supervisors) should be enabled.
- Providing technical specifications to (among others) team monitors.
- Assessment of nature and size and determining whether immediate repair is necessary or possible.
- Indicate the need to discontinue installations and to secure these and / or equipment for repair.
- Performing emergency repairs even though Head MTD or other client.
- Performing more extensive repairs at scheduled times and as of prepared assignments. - Correctness of diagnosis of malfunctions in the event of malfunction
- correctness, eg urgent determination of malfunctions (direct or
- planned).
- Speed and reliability of the malfunction.
- Timely enrollment of other disciplinary disciplines.
- Satisfaction of the clients.
- Minimization of production stagnation.
Other activities - Collaborate / assist in the repair and maintenance of new installations by external contractors / suppliers.
- Performing various machining techniques (welding, machining and non-machining operations) and performing user maintenance on hand tools.
- Alignment of motors.
- Relieve small electrical faults and support of the EPC engineers.
- (Technical) supervising and giving assignments to external engineers in the work to be performed during stops and scheduled maintenance on machines.

Se ofrece

Salary 2000 € / 2700 € netos
It’s a permanent job
it is 3 shifts :  06.00/14.00  14.00/22.00  22.00/06.00
In Holand Eerbeek, 15 km  from Apeldoorn ,
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