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Descripción de la oferta

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Campus Life is the department at IE University that transmits the institution’s values and spirit through community engagement. It is the platform for the intangible (values, school spirit, sense of belonging), as well as the tangible student experience projects that go beyond the classroom. We help maximize the student journey at IE by serving as the campus nexus, meaning we foster connections between staff, faculty, students, alumni, and external partners. The Campus Life team ensures that the entire community keeps the importance of being engaged top of mind, by seeking out cross-club and cross-program initiatives, and taking advantage of the incredibly broad network that IE has to offer.

Sports & Wellbeing is the department at IE University that offers the opportunity to care for oneself by being active through sports initiatives, within our community setting. We help maximize the student journey at IE by serving as a platform open for the entire community, where we can gather in a competitive or recreational atmosphere and help each other grow together. Within Sports & Wellbeing we house IE Recreational Sports, IE Athletics, and the IE Athletic Center.

Working towards a ONE campus feel (between Segovia, María de Molina, and the Tower campuses) under the OWN YOUR EXPERIENCE strategy for students:

•      Making sure everyone feels a part of the IE community (there is something for everyone, no matter what their interests or passions might be beyond their academic pursuits)

•      Each and every student has the possibility to build their own experience, and the power to shape their unique legacy/blueprint at IE

•      IE not only allows students to create their learning journey, but also helps fuel their capacity to do so by providing them with endless resources (hence the importance of community engagement to provide them with the finest presentation of resources)

The primary function of the Student Experience Advisor is the support in the day-to-day management of the Student Experience office, primarily working with Sports & Wellbeing and Campus Life. In parallel, the Advisor will have the chance to get involved with student-led clubs, sports clubs, and other projects that help achieve the larger Student Experience objectives.

Key Action Areas:

Day-to-day Management and Representation of the Student Experience Office:

·      Reporting to the Senior Associate Director of Campus Life, and the Senior Manager of Sports & Wellbeing.

·      Maintain a welcoming atmosphere and environment, adding value to the Student Experience.

·      Provide outstanding customer service to students, being their first point of contact (walk-in, General Email Inbox, phone).

·      Provide outstanding customer service to contractors and external stakeholders (Federations, Local Government, Sports Facilities, etc.).

·      Processing expenses and invoices with the providers and the accounting department. 

·      Handle fee payments through internal platforms.

·      Compiling and updating databases.

·      Contribute to the preparation and edition of internal reports.

·      Booking and expense management for all events/activities that require travel outside of Segovia.

·      Track all Sports Grants offered by local/regional/national/international governments and other entities, that C.D. IE University Athletics and IE Sports as a whole, can benefit from.

·      Support Manager in the preparation of the Grant Applications.

·      Support with logistics for events, on the Segovia campus in particular, and coordinating with the IE Maintenance team accordingly.

·      Support in the logistics for athletic training sessions, such as communicating changes for transportation needs between the students, transportation provider, and gym.

·      Support Manager in obtaining licenses for federated athletes, across all sports disciplines.

·      Prepare courier packages and their collection



·      Either English or Spanish as native tongue, Independent User of the other language necessary.

·      Excellent customer service skills with proven ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships.

·      Extremely organized and very detail oriented.

·      Team player, who enjoys working in a collaborative environment.

·      Experienced in working with other cultures.

·      Ability to work on and/or support on multiple projects within the same timeframe and under tight deadlines.

·      Flexibility in schedule.

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