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Jornada Completa - Contrato Indefinido - Entre 25.000 y 45.000€ Brutos/anuales - Al menos 1 año de experiencia

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Descripción de la oferta

Descripción de la oferta

Duración de la oferta: hasta el 11/03/2018


We are looking for a highly skilled Consultant Radiologist with the opportunity to develop his career in UK. 
Job description:
The candidate's primary functions encompass the delivery of professional and comprehensive Radiology related services and overall daily running of the radiology service.
The employer: 
The employer is one of the largest private medical providers from the UK.
We are currently looking to recruit Consultants for Radiology to work in several attractive cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Wolverhampton, Southampton, Bristol, Newcastle. 
As a Radiology consultant you will have to use specific technology and equipment, like X-rays, CT or CAT, MRI and ultrasound to provide, clear, non-invasive treatments and diagnostic methods.


• EU Nationality
• master’s or bachelor’s degree
• Registered or in process of Registration in the HCPC
• Demonstrable appreciation of patient care and confidentiality Proven knowledge of the requirements of a Radiologist
• Professional and cooperative attitude towards patients, customers and colleagues
• Proven competency of English communication skills both written and verbal
• Working within a hospital or mobile environment

Se ofrece

•	Salary:  £20000 - £30000 per annum
•	a full-time contract – 40h/ week 
•	Bank holidays
•	 Career growth opportunities
•	Life insurance


  • trabajo en reino unido
  • radiologia
  • trabajo de radiologia
  • trabajo internacional
  • trabajos en sanidad
  • trabajos en inglaterra
  • Área

    Sanidad, salud y servicios sociales

  • Categoría o nivel


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