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  • Data Expert

    Michael Page


    Hace 21 horas

    No se requiere experiencia, jornada completa, contrato indefinido

    Optimize commercial data capture, Focus on the commercial use of (new) sources of data for multitude of purposes such as appetence scoring, price sensitivity, churn prediction.

  • Analytics and Digital Campaigns Specialist IE Exponential Learning

    Instituto de Empresa


    Hace 21 horas

    Entre 4 y 15 años de experiencia

    •Master’s degree from a top University. •Native Spanish speaker, fluent in English. •Proven experience managing SEM campaigns on Google Adwords. •Experience using DoubleClick for Search would be a plus. •Proficiency with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. •Good knowledge of structured information tools (Power-BI, CRM). •Experience of writing/editing texts for websites and/or marketing materials is desired. •Good analytical and numerical skills. •Good knowledge of Excel. •Google Adwords accreditation will be valued. •Basic knowledge of HTML would be useful. •Ability to learn quickly.

  • Senior Fullstack Developer

    Empresa de Internet y Transformación Digital

    Majadahonda - Madrid

    Hace 58 días

    Al menos 3 años de experiencia, jornada completa, contrato indefinido, salario 40.000-45.000€

    - As we value knowledge in concrete technologies we value much more good software development fundamentals. - Expertise in Object Oriented programming, good understanding of concepts like polymorphism, coupling and cohesion. - Experience in test automation at different levels: unit, integration, end-to-end. Experience doing TDD is a plus. - Familiar with agile development practices like pair programming, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. - Knowledge of different types of architectures like hexagonal, clean, DDD, CQRS or microservices. We don't want and expert in all of this but we expect that this concepts are familiar to you. - Python or other Object Oriented dynamic typed language. - Javascript and some basic front-end development experience. - Experience deploying systems in Amazon Web Services is a plus. - English level to pair programming with an english speaker teammate.