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  • Food tour guide

    Food Lover Tour


    Hace 30 horas (Actualizada)

    No se requiere experiencia, jornada flexible, contrato autónomo o freelance

    - Ideally, we are looking for a person who is "autonomo" and is able to work as a freelance guide. - The candidate must be fluent in English. Other languages will be very much appreciated but English is 100% necessary. If you don’t feel like having a 4 hours conversation with English speakers, please don’t send us your CV. - We are looking for someone who had either been travelling much or someone who has been living abroad for a while. - The candidate must be a real foodie (there is no way you can share the passion for food if you don't have that passion in the first place) - The candidate must have a good knowledge of the city of Málaga (traditions and history) - The candidate must either be a local or a person who has been living in Málaga for several years - The candidate must be easy-going, empathetic, gregarious and passionate. Take in account that the job is about giving customers a great experience, the places we go and the food we eat is important but making customers feel comfortable and entertained is as important. - Ideally we are looking for someone who already has an activity as this only is a part time job - It is not required to have any experience in the industry, we will provide the candidate a proper training.