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  • Técnico en radiología (especialista aplicaciones PACS)

    Sectra Medical Systems


    Hace 37 horas (Actualizada)

    No se requiere experiencia, jornada completa, contrato indefinido, salario 16.000-30.000€

    We hire people for who they are and for their willingness and ability to learn, rather than for their previous experience. If you are a fast learner and the right person for the job, we will train you to meet the requirements of your new position. For this position we are looking for: - Fluency in English and Spanish. - A strong interest in usability and medical IT. - Strong clinical background (Radiology, anatomy…). - Ability to listen and coach a team to enable outstanding results in their respective areas of responsibility. - High availability for traveling. Mainly Spain, but occasionally other countries. Sectra willl provide you with all the resources needed. Good to have: Most of all, we are looking for an open, passionate person who shares our values, is a true team player and will enjoy working with the rest of us at Sectra. In addition, we consider it an asset if you also: - Degree or equivalent related with clinical background, for example, as a radiology technician, Medial Physics, Biomedical Engineer or have the experience working as. - Have experience working in a radiology department or good knowledge of it. - Speak Portuguese or French. - Have experience with PACS technologies as well as medical imaging workflow and tools. - Have experience from working with IT helpdesk or customer service. - Have knowledge of DICOM, HL7 and other healthcare interoperability standards. - Have previous knowledge of Active Directory, databases, networking, clustering, storage and hardware (including workstations).