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  • Técnico/a de sistemas con Sharepoint

    Grupompleo Empresa de Trabajo Temporal

    Bilbao - Vizcaya

    Hace 36 horas (Actualizada)

    Al menos 1 año de experiencia, jornada flexible, contrato de duración determinada

    Imprescindibles: - Grado superior en sistemas informáticos y/o equivalente.. Se precisa persona seria y proactiva con capacidad de análisis. - Experiencia mínima de 1 año en manejo de Sharepoint u office 365 general - Experiencia en atención a usuarios finales. - Inglés. Nivel B2 o superior. - Manejo avanzado de Sharepoint. - Manejo de sistemas operativos (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Deseados: - Grado superior en sistemas informáticos y/o equivalente. - Experiencia mínima de 1 año en manejo de Sharepoint u office 365 general - Experiencia en atención a usuarios finales. - Manejo de sistemas operativos (Windows, MacOS, Linux) - Carnet de conducir y coche para acudir al puesto de trabajo.

  • Blockchain development Technician


    Bilbao - Vizcaya

    Hace 12 horas (Actualizada)

    Entre 3 y 10 años de experiencia

    The candidate should have demonstrated experience of more than two years in Blockchain technology. Experience with public blockchain networks such as Ethereum or private ones like Hyperledger is required. Good acquaintance with the theory and principles of decentralized computing are a must. The candidate should have strong development skills to create a solution based on Blockchain for holistic traceability of food, from the orchard/farm to the fork. Experience with scalable web-based cloud-hosted solutions is also highly convenient. The candidate will be responsible for the integration of blockchain technology with RESTful and Cloud hosted solutions. For instance, contextual information gathered from FIWARE Context Broker (a middleware that promotes publish/subscribe mechanism), external databases or IoT devices will have to be mapped into blocks stored in the blockchain. Therefore, it is necessary that the candidate is aware of different protocols and middleware that enable the connection / consumption of standard HTTP-based interfaces or SQL/NoSQL data repositories in order to populate the blockchain, then extract information from it and return it back to the traditional more centralized Cloud-based architectures. The candidate could work for a PhD degree in the areas of Blockchain and food waste management mixing centralized and decentralized software architectures. General requirements -Advanced command of English (C1 or equivalent) is desired. Knowledge of Spanish is not a requirement. High level of written and spoken English. -Availability to travel around the EU It will be valued: -PhD degree. -Scientific and/or technical publications and communications in national and international conferences. -Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams and communication skills. -Availability for change, flexibility and versatility. -Applications will be evaluated in order of arrival.Closing dates Further Details: Applicants should forward their CV and a summary of research interests in the section "Documentos adicionales".