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  • FullStack JavaScript Engineer

    Page Personnel


    Hace 26 horas (Actualizada)

    Al menos 4 años de experiencia, jornada completa, contrato indefinido

    A few things we require for this position: You have strong technical skills and solid conceptual foundations. You love Distributed Software, Cloud solutions, Microservices & Serverless Architectures. More than 4 years of experience as Fullstack or Frontend Software Engineer in complex environments. Experience with the JavaScript toolset: Node.js, Javascript (ES2015+), React/Redux, VueJS, Webpack, Mocha, Chai, Sinon. Knowledge about Amazon Web Services (AWS). You are ready to kill it in the backend: Serverless, Kubernetes, AWS ECS, MongoDB, Redis, gRPC, GraphQL, RESTful, etc. You are committed to building highly reliable & scalable systems. You are eager to learn, screen those learnings and apply the best suited for a bounded context. You have experience in discussing, spiking & benchmarking Engineering solutions. You speak fluent English. Familiarity with Reactive & Domain Driven Architectures A few things that would be valuable for this position: Knowledge of Frontend optimisation strategies, Module bundling, monitoring, browser tooling, no-SQL. You have SaaS experience in companies responsible for their own product. Experience working on DDD software and concepts. Up-to-date with CSS modern strategies (animations, grid layout, flexbox, variables, etc). Familiarity with UX concepts in the Front-end.